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Easy access to affordable care through the help of our AI-based, data-driven petcare app.

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How It Works

1. Choose symptoms

Click on the symptoms relevant to your pet’s condition.

2. Chat with our AI

Our AI will navigate you through a short series of questions to analyze your pet’s symptoms and determine the best next steps for your pet’s treatment.

3. View the Final Analysis

We offer you an accurate analysis of your pet’s health condition through our vast data catalog covering millions of similar cases. 

4. Live Chat with a Vet

After receiving your analysis, should you wish to speak with a veterinarian, we offer live chat and video options available anytime.

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Available 24/7

Our AI never goes to sleep.
We are here for you anytime, from anywhere, at a click of a button.


Fill out a short questionnaire about your fur baby and we will provide you with a health recommendation concerning your pet’s condition.

Highly Accurate

We offer you highly accurate and reliable analysis, based on millions of cases from thousands of veterinary clinics.

Our Mission

Koala provides pet parents instant and custom recommendations concerning the health and well-being of their pet, based on the treatment and diagnoses of millions of similar cases.

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